Do you have questions about foot care? We have answers!

Do you have questions about foot injuries or the causes of foot pain? Dr. Stephanie Carollo provides the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about foot injuries and foot care. If you would like to schedule an appointment to talk about your foot pain, call Dr. Stephanie Carollo’s office at (586) 298-1585.


Q: What are orthotics?

A: Orthotics are devices that are placed inside your shoes, in order to help realign your foot and allow it to function in the most optimal way possible.  They are used to treat many painful foot conditions.  Orthotics help to redistribute the pressure that is placed on the bottom of your foot, and help to improve the faulty foot mechanics that can lead to things like arthritis and bunion and hammertoe deformities.  Think of orthotics as doing for your feet
what your eyeglasses do for your eyes–allow them to function in the best possible manner.  You can view the video on our “flat feet” page to learn more about orthotics.

Q: Will orthotics fit in all of my shoes?

A: We can make orthotics to fit in any style of shoe for those who wish to wear them all the time.  Most men’s dress shoes can accommodate custom orthotics easily.  Some women’s dress shoes, particularly narrow ones, may require that the orthotics be made thinner to fit in them.  Alternatively, we can make one pair for tennis shoes and other more casual shoes, and a second pair for some women’s dress shoes if needed.