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Dr. Stephanie Carollo - Foot Care

Staying in the game after an ankle sprain?

It’s important to be aware that playing through an ankle sprain risks increasing the ligament, tendon, and/or cartilage damage that may have occurred from the initial injury.  (Also, people sometimes assume that they “sprained” their ankle when they actually broke or fractured it.)  Once these structures have healed enough to allow a return to sports, however, ankle braces are a much better option versus taping the ankle, as they provide far more support than taping provides.  Fore more information visit our Ankle Sprain page.


What is a DVT or deep vein thrombosis? What is a PE or pulmonary embolism?

A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot in the lungs that usually originates from the deep veins in the legs, where it is termed a DVT or “deep vein thrombosis.”  Many factors put people at increased risk for DVT, including immobilization, trauma, estrogen-containing medications such as hormone replacement and birth control pills, smoking, some surgeries, cancer and other medical conditions.  Patients in the hospital can also be at increased risk for blood clots, and this should be discussed with the doctors caring for your loved one in the hospital.  PE can be fatal, and common symptoms of PE include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and chest pain.  Awareness of the condition can lead to early diagnosis and offers the best chance at a full recovery. 

Picking Up Your Prescription

Anyone who uses the pharmacy drive-thru for prescription medication pick-up may want to be aware that pharmacists in a recent report ranked drive-thru windows high among distracting factors that can lead to delays and errors with prescription processing.  If you use the drive-through, make sure to check that both the drug and the dose are what your doctor ordered for you.

Running Shoes

One major retailer had “ultra-light weight” running shoes on sale today for $19.99.  A customer next to me said to her husband “it’s definitely worth a try for the price.”  These shoes were “minimalist” type shoes that were very lightweight, but also extremely flexible.  I could bend and twist them like a towel, just as can be done with a thin flip-flop.  I caution people about these types of footwear, as there is very little protection for your feet.  Therefore, these can place you at higher risk for stress fractures (especially if you’re female), puncture wounds and heel pain and/or pain in the ball of the foot, among other problems.  This is particularly true if you have high arches (as these feet often don’t absorb shock as well) or flat feet (as this foot structure results in extra motion occurring which can mean more stress on your feet.)