Hallux limitus/Hallux rigidus

Hallux limitus and hallux rigidus are conditions that involve stiffness, pain, and arthritis of the great toe joint or joints.  This can occur after prior trauma or with foot structures that result in extra stress being placed on the big toe joint.  There is often a bump or hard area/bony prominence on the top of the big toe joint in these cases, and this tends to get larger over time.  Treatment options for hallux limitus and hallux rigidus include orthotics, stiff-soled shoes, and topical medicines.  For those patients who are still suffering after conservative care measures have been employed, surgery is a good option if desired in order to improve the pain that often causes people to avoid participating in activities that they used to enjoy.

If treated early in the process, and before the arthritis is too advanced, outpatient surgery (which does NOT require you to be “put out” or undergo general anesthesia and which allows you to return home a few hours after the procedure) does not require a cast or crutches, and can allow you to be back in your regular shoes in two weeks!  As with arthritis in other joints (including at the knee and hip), arthritis in the big toe joint is considered a progressive condition, which means it typically becomes worse over time.  Call us to have your pain or stiffness evaluated before your arthritis worsens, causes you more pain, and requires more advanced treatment.  You can reach us at 586-298-1585!

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