Neuropathy can result from many different causes, including diabetes, vitamin deficiency, chemotherapy, autoimmune or inherited condtions, and back, liver, or kidney problems.  In patients with neuropathy, the nerves in the feet (and sometimes the legs) do not function properly.

Dr. Carollo’s Educational Video on Neuropathy

Consequently, people with neuropathy can have numbness in their feet, and sometimes tingling and burning or “pins and needles” sensations as well.  However, some patients with neuropathy have no symptoms at all.  There are many treatment options available for neuropathy.  One critical thing that we stress to our patients with neuropathy is the need for daily foot inspections.  A person with neuropathy can develop a wound or infection or other foot problem, and not be aware of it because his/her nerves are not functioning normally.  Checking your feet every day for things like a wound, cut, redness, swelling, blister, warmth, or open sore can help to prevent complications that can occur with neuropathy.  Those with neuropathy are at increased risk for having problems such as infection and even amputation, so it is imperative for anyone with neuropathy to have a professional evaluation.  You can make an appointment with our office at 586-298-1585.

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