Arthritis in the Foot

Arthritis in the Foot

With 26 bones in each foot, this can be a common condition!  When this occurs, the cartilage on the surfaces of a joint can become damaged, and the space between the bones narrows, often resulting in a stiff and painful joint.  Painful bone spurs can also develop.  which can affect other weight bearing joints of the body, such as the knee and hip, arthritis in the feet tends to progress over time. Therefore, it is important to begin treatment as soon as possible for this condition to help decrease the rate at which arthritis becomes worse and more painful and problematic.  We also have more treatment options available if we catch arthritis in its earlier stages than we do if it has already become more severe.  So please give our office a call for an appointment before too much damage occurs!  You may reach us at 586-298-1585.  To learn more, click

In some cases, surgery for arthritis may be needed.  Please call our office for an appointment so we can help you determine if this may be needed at some point in time to help you feel better.  Feel free to learn more at our surgery for arthritis page.

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