Monthly Archives: April 2014

Foot Fractures

I’ve seen a lot of fractures recently, particularly since the weather has improved. Important to note the following re: a fracture/broken bone, as many people are unaware of this info:
1) Being able to walk after an injury does NOT mean that you don’t have a fracture. With 28 bones in each foot, it’s certainly possible to be able to walk even with a fracture.
2) However, walking on a fracture can worsen the break, which can lead to non-healing and/or surgery being required.
3) Sometimes a fracture needs to be reset (often in the office) in order to allow for proper healing and to help prevent future problems such as arthritis…
4) If concerned about an injury, call us at 586-298-1585!

4 Words of Advice For Parents

Four days before the Final Four begins, here are four words of advice for parents: keep your children active!  This is particularly important with increasing numbers of children being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and in light of new research showing that 1 in 3 children ages 9-11 have high cholesterol.  High cholesterol, as we know, leads to heart disease.  So even though children love their computers and video games, have them limit time on these devices in favor of exercise, which is critical for their health.