Do I need Podiatric care?

Most people suffer from some kind of foot disorder – from athlete’s foot or ingrown nails to bunions, hammertoes or corns. Tight-fitting or high-heeled shoes are often the culprit, but heredity, poor foot care, injuries, or medical conditions can also cause problems. Whatever the state of your feet, your podiatrist can treat your problem to restore your comfort and ease of movement.

Problems in your feet can lead to pain in your hips, knees and lower back. Take a moment to read this list of conditions or problems. If you find you might be suffering from one or more of these items, a visit to your podiatrist may be just the help your feet need.


High blood sugar (diabetes)
Cold or hot feet (circulatory problems)
Joint pain and swelling (arthritis or gout)
Nail Problems
Painful ingrown nails
Thickened nails that are difficult to trim
A black-and-blue nail from an injury


An unsightly bump (bunion) on the side of your foot by your big toe
Uncomfortably bent toes (hammertoes) that may rub on the tops of your shoes
A stiff joint in a toe
Pain in the bottom or back of your heel (possibly a heel spur)
A broken (fractured) bone in your foot


A wart on your foot
Thickened skin (callus or corn) between your toes or where your foot repeatedly rubs against your shoe
Discolored patches (fungal infection) on your foot or nail
Cracks, sores or ulcers on your foot


Muscle pain or tendinitis
Pain on the bottom of your feet (plantar fasciitis)
A twisted or sprained ankle
Arch Problems
Painful, tired flatfeet
Painful high arches


Sharp pain in your toes (neuroma)
Sharp pain, numbness, or burning sensation in your toes when you’re at rest (neuropathy)